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Restaurant "1221" is a historical and cosy family restaurant. Here on three floors you can feel 300 year aura of the old building, taste of culinary prowess of the internationally known and renowned chef Roberts Smilga, as well.

My first deliberate contact with culinary was at the age of 6.

I with my father used to go to “pig slaughter” at our relatives in country. This event used to turn into a big gathering of relatives centered on the slaughter of the pig. Of course, we children were banned of this process. We could enter the courtyard only when the pig was already being divided.

I still remember the smell of the sausages being smoked then. My granny had hung them up to curing smoke in the bath–house. This wonderful smell and lack of knowledge of the formation process of sausages caused cropping up of the most important question in my life at this time - how are the sausages made? This question seemed to me more important than the other one – where babies come from. So on the way home I asked my father on the spot about the wonderful process of origin of the sausages.

My father has always had a good sense of humor plus he was rather tipsy after this visit therefore he answered that the pig must be fed groats half an hour before slaughtering, then killed, and sausages are ready. One had only to smoke them. For a long time I lived in the firm belief that sausages are made exactly in the above–mentioned way – so convincing was my father’s narration. I was in raptures about such a simple and rational method of making sausages. While writing these lines, it occurred to me: so good that my father’s sense of humor was not so paralyzed when I was asking him how babies were made.

I don’t think that these vivid memories have made me to choose this profession. More likely – I have still retained this childish rapture for food and its making. Exactly this attitude lets me play in the kitchen as in a sand-box. And that is very important. We often forget that we have been children, too often, as to Saint-Exeupery we see only a hat but not the elephant in constrictor – boa’s belly.

Dear guest, be my play-mate! Let’s enjoy together the result of this pleasure of playing – you have joined me in my play-box!

Chef Roberts Smilga


Restaurant "1221"

Open 12.00-23.00

Jauniela 16, Riga, Latvia

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